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There are many pressing issues facing the City of Richmond. Currently, my top priorities are:


I believe that safety and education are the most important public services. I support full funding for police and fire service. However, safety is more than just police and fire. It also includes public education, after-school programs, libraries, good jobs, housing, healthcare, mental health, and a social safety net that actually catches people. At its core, safety is supporting every resident. 


Although our school district is an independent agency, with many hardworking employees, it needs additional support in the City of Richmond specifically. Problems in Richmond like poverty, trauma, crime, weapons, and drugs have seeped into Richmond schools for decades. They have negatively impacted teaching and learning and must be addressed by the city.  

Economic Development & Job Creation

The Bay Area is a land of opportunity. Yet the City of Richmond has been left behind. We must make an honest effort to attract and retain small, medium, and large businesses. This will create more living-wage jobs, with benefits, increase our access to goods and services, and grow our tax base.

Richmond residents should not have to work three jobs just to survive. We also should not have to commute for hours, because we cannot find good jobs near our homes. We must bring more living-wage jobs to Richmond, partner with the Workforce Development Board to upskill our residents, support our businesses, and stop running them out of town.

Housing & Homelessness

Housing is a basic need. We must address local resistance to housing construction, change zoning laws where necessary, and build housing across all income levels. Rent control is not enough when working families do not meet the income requirements for rental housing in the first place. I support high, medium, and low-density housing construction.

I also support transitional housing and wrap around services for Richmond residents who have lost their housing and want help getting back on their feet. The goal should be to rehouse these residents permanently.   


Parts of Richmond are dirty and unkempt. That is not okay. We must clean up the city and keep it clean by staffing public works and code enforcement and prosecuting repeat offenders.

Parks & Recreation

Parks and recreation are essential. They help our children, families, and seniors develop community and build their skills while promoting physical activity and mental health. Therefore, we must maintain our neighborhood parks and expand our recreation programs based on the size of population. 

This platform is a living document. That means it will change as needs change and needs are identified.

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